What To Think About Before Your Bathroom Remodel

What to Think About Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Renovating a bathroom can seem like a simple job, especially because the space is so small. But while it seems simple on the surface, there are many aspects of a bathroom renovation project that you will need to consider before you start. Bathrooms in high traffic areas of the home will be renovated much differently than a simple powder room. A master bathroom will be much different than a guest bathroom as well. Sultacon Construction has put together a

Creating A Kitchen Renovation Budget

Tips on Creating an Appropriate Kitchen Renovation Budget

When it is time to prepare for your kitchen renovation project, the first thing you should do is layout a budget for the upgrades. This is a great way to help plan the final look of your kitchen without going over your budget or running out of materials halfway through. Most people think that setting a budget is just setting a final dollar amount. In actuality, it requires careful consideration of various aspects of your planned changes. Sultacon Construction

Reasons Your Bathroom Renovation Should Be Completed Professionally

3 Reasons Your Bathroom Renovation Should Be Completed Professionally

Taking on a home improvment project may seem like the best way to get your hands dirty while also creating something beautiful. With so many TV shows available that make incredible DIY transformations look easy, we understand why some people are ready to jump in their cars, head to their nearest hardware store, and get started. However, while painting your home or even overhauling your garden may be a fun DIY weekend project, some jobs are best left to the

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