What to Think About Before Your Bathroom Remodel

bright and spacious bathroom renovation

Renovating a bathroom can seem like a simple job, especially because the space is so small. But while it seems simple on the surface, there are many aspects of a bathroom renovation project that you will need to consider before you start. Bathrooms in high traffic areas of the home will be renovated much differently than a simple powder room. A master bathroom will be much different than a guest bathroom as well. Sultacon Construction has put together a list of things to keep in mind before you renovate so that your bathroom is as functional as it is visually pleasing.

Mind Your Plumbing

When you renovate your bathroom, it’s important to ensure that your drain has enough space for the passage of debris. Not only will this reduce the chances of clogs, but it will also help eliminate odors. The recommended size is at least 2 inches, but you can always go bigger. If you live in a colder area, make sure to route the pipes under the floor as opposed to through an outside wall.

Vanity & Medicine Cabinet

Think about where your medicine cabinets and your vanity will be located in addition to their sizes. Take note of the available space and choose pieces that will fit comfortably without making the bathroom crowded. If you have room, you can even add drawers for storage.

Make it Bright

Lighting is important in every room but perhaps most critical during a bathroom renovation project. Use lighting that is aesthetically pleasing while also being functional for the best results. Consider placing lights around the vanity mirror as well as over or in your shower area.

Tubs & Toilets

There are a lot of options on the market for toilets, sinks, tubs and other bathroom fixtures. Instead of getting carried away, choose those that meet your needs and best fit with your desired aesthetic. Also, make a point to think about who will be using the bathroom when choosing your base fixtures.

Shower Tiles

The floor is another important feature that you should plan with care. Bathrooms tend to stay wet more often than not which can lead to slippery accidents. Choose tiles for your shower and floor that are textured or smaller tiles that offer more grip. Colors and styles can be as creative as you prefer, so long as they offer a safe texture.

Bathroom Windows

When completed properly, a bathroom window can let in both light and fresh air into the bathroom. If your bathroom window is exposed to the outside, you can add a frosted-glass panel for increased privacy. Make sure that whatever material you use is rust and water-resistant as well. Bathroom windows should also be outside opening to allow for better ventilation.

Creative Bathroom Remodeling With Sultacon Construction

When you are in the market for a reliable Oakville bathroom renovation company for your project, Sultacon Construction is the team to call. We will work with you to create an attractive space that meets your needs and falls within your budget. For more information regarding our bathroom renovation packages, give us a call at (416) 433-4242 today.

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